John Layton, who lives in Newbury, Vermont, is a freelance photographer/writer and photography educator, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Audubon magazine, Readers Digest Books, Vermont Life, and View Camera magazine, among others. 

John’s photographs of the desert southwest and the Maine/New Hampshire coasts,  have graced gallery walls in New York and throughout New England, and have earned him several awards. Between 1999 and 2006, John made eight trips to Ethiopia, where he documented the activities of A Glimmer of Hope, an Austin, Texas, based foundation.  He received an M.A. in photography and education from Goddard College in 1990.

Mr. Layton also designs and builds large format cameras.  His latest model, the L-45A, the design of which is patented, has won several photographic industry awards. Layton L-45A info here. 

In addition to his most recent faculty appointment, during which Mr. Layton chaired the photography department at Lebanon College, he has also held appointments at Goddard College, Green Mountain College, and Johnson State College, and ran photography workshops at Dartmouth College.  From 1987-97, he conducted photography residencies throughout the state of Vermont, under the auspices of the Vermont Council on the Arts.

“As a photographer, I find that using traditional materials (film, camera, and darkroom) affords a truly meaningful, visceral experience.  Just as light passing through my camera’s lens creates a visible image in the viewfinder - so, too, does the light passing through the lens of my enlarger onto a sheet of photographic paper.  Thus, what is seen and felt during the process of creating a print, as well as what is then reflected and revealed by its finished presence, can directly equate to that which I had originally seen and felt through my camera.  It is this start to finish continuity, in the presence of light that is both visible and palpable, which helps me to achieve a feeling of great intimacy with the photographic process.”

 - John Layton


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Newbury, Vermont

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